Top four reasons to insulate your home

Top four reasons to insulate your home

  • What is insulation?

Air is a common element and an extremely good insulator when it is trapped and unable to move around, so when you trap the air within the insulation chamber, you can produce an effective insulating process. It doesn’t matter if it is warm or cold outside. Either way, the warm air stays inside the barrier, and the insulation will do its job, vice versa.

Types of Insulation:
– Underfloor Insulation
– Room in Roof Insulation
– Internal Wall Insulation
– External Wall Insulation

A different form of insulation is often used in homes which is known as foil insulation. Rather than trapping air bubbles in its bulk, foil uses its reflective surface to deflect heat back from where it came. Whether that heat is coming from outside or inside.

A fantastic but a premium solution for external insulation and mitigating the effects of heat in the summer could be the wood fiber insulation. This can be installed with a basecoat and silicone top coat – once fully finished provides a decrement layer against the heating effects of the sun in the summer month.

  1. Easy on the wallet

Up to 35% of the heat being produced in your home is lost through un-insulated walls. A loft or other roof space without insulation can also allow up to 25% of the heat to escape. According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing wall and loft/roof insulation can save you up to £480 per year on bills.

2. Friendly to the eco system   

Do well for the environment when the environment is good to you. Insulation makes your life easy without adding to global warming or by damaging the environment in a different way. From the process of installation to the process of usage an eco-friendly result is guaranteed.

3. Helpful throughout the year

Why use different and numerous appliances throughout the year. To cover different areas of the house? When you could cover the whole house through all seasons, hot and cold with a single installation. Insulate your home and live an easy and budget friendly life through each season

4. Grants are available under ECO

You don’t want to let go an opportunity to install an insulation in your home free of cost. Get back your money in the form of grants to insulate your home under the honest and reliable service of ECO. So why spend money on small appliance when you can insulate your home for free.

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